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Strengthen your organisation through Swedish language skills

Is your organization global and multicultural? If the answer is YES, acquiring Swedish language skills might be a decisive factor in improving not only your employees´ creativity and productivity, sense of coherence and your company´s end product, but also your ability to get your highly talented employees to stay and thrive long-term.

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For many years, Studium has provided commissioned education to adult students from all over the world with superb results.

Language learning towards a grade

Studium offers Swedish language teaching on all levels according to the Swedish for Immigrants  (sfi) curriculum. Our certified teachers strengthen the participants´ mastery of Swedish towards a grade.

Various teaching formats

The program includes various formats like lectures, discussion groups, speech exercises, role playing, rhetoric, individual assignments as well as study visits. The participants are also trained in debating, descriptive, instructive and narrative text writing.

Focus on the needs of each student

Through many years of experience, we have learned to focus on the needs and skills of each individual student. During the first session, we make an assessment of which language skills the students already possess, in order to adapt the lesson plans to each students´ needs.

Maximizing learning results

In our experience, teacher-led language learning improves the rate of progression, and, in the long run, widely outperforms web-based teaching models.

That is why we combine physical and digital classroom education (using Google Classroom).

Greater sense of coherence

It is well known that language skills enable us to feel at home in a new culture and help us gain a greater sense of coherence.

Through the commitment and friendliness of our staff, and our unyielding focus on providing the course participants with the skills they need to improve, we bring empowerment and broadened perspectives to your staff, in order to successfully work, live and thrive in Sweden.

Welcome to contact us to discuss further co-operation.

About Studium

Studium is part of the Administration for Education in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, and has broad experience from language education for immigrants.